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Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face” – Mike Tyson

Starting off in a windowless office on 55th street, with no experience, no money, and struggling to figure out how to buy their first building in NYC, the Jones brothers had no choice but to trust in themselves to make something happen.  In this episode, we discuss how Greg and Graham Jones of GRJ, not only got their company off the ground, but since 2010 have grown it into a very successful enterprise.  They currently have holdings in Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Florida.

Peter & Joe with Graham at Fighters 4 Life Fight Night

We jump in speaking about an upcoming boxing match Graham has, and how dealing in the NYC multifamily market can be similar to going toe-to-toe in the ring.  To be successful, you need to expect the unexpected, move and react, and have an uncanny ability to problem solve in unpredictable situations.

Greg and Graham, share their valuable stories and advice on what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur in NYC.  We touch on many dynamic topics including: raising capital, their business model for affordable shared luxury apartments, market trends, key metrics to look at, and why NYC is unlike any other market in the world.

These investors have been very successful in a very competitive and tough landscape.   They share some insightful pearls of wisdom that are meaningful if you listen closely. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did….

In this show, we discuss:

  • The challenges of entering the market post financial crisis, and raising capital at that time
  • Why great relationships and a strong track record are critical for long term success
  • The value of specializing in a niche and how to capitalize on it
  • How creative ingenuity, ambition, and self-confidence are critical attributes to be successful and make a name for yourself
  • What is the most important metric when buying a property?
  • What makes NYC real estate the most attractive for investors
  • How the real estate industry has been affected by technology, and why it is one of the most resistant industries against change
  • How timing can make or break you…and much much more
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