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Episode #13

If there is anything that can give you an edge in the New York City real estate business it’s being a better negotiator.

Chris Voss was the Lead International Kidnapping Negotiator in the FBI for 24 years. His book, Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It, outlines his field tested tools for talking anyone into, or out of, just about anything. Currently, Chris is the founder and CEO of The Black Swan Group, a coaching and consulting group that strives to solve business communication problems with hostage negotiation strategies.

In this episode, I speak with Chris about his experience in the FBI and delve into the rules and techniques that he used to unwind some of the biggest terrorist plots in our country’s history. Listeners will walk away from this episode with actionable tools you can use immediately. Chris also shares his advice for someone just starting in the business world who wants to be a better negotiator, as well as how his childhood environment and upbringing really impacted his work ethic.

In this show, we discuss:

  • The experience gained after 24 years in the FBI as the Lead International Kidnapping Negotiator
  • The ways human behavior is same for all people, no matter their gender or race
  • How he was able to unwind the plot of international terrorists to blow up one of the NYC’s busiest tunnels
  • What are the rules and techniques of effective negotiation?
  • What is a real deadline?
  • How is negotiating with terrorists similar to negotiating the price of a NYC building?
  • What is the biggest mistake in business negotiation?
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