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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see the future of the real estate industry?  In  Real Estate tech there are plenty of places to look.  Today we speak to Zach Aarons, one of the most influential players in the PropTech world.  Zach co-founded MetaProp, a leading accelerator and VC fund, that has backed over 60 real estate tech startups.  These companies have collectively raised over $2 billion, and employ over 1,500 people around the world.

In this episode we deconstruct Zach’s unique path to the RE Tech space.  We will discover why would one leave a promising career as an investment banker to start a walking tour company?  And how did that lead to metaProp?  You will be surprised learn his predictions for the most disruptive technologies and opportunities in the multifamily space.  Learn why passing his “magic bean test” is the first step to becoming a successful entrepreneur.  It all helps explain why Metprop is an innovative platform in the PropTech market.

As a result of this episode, you’ll learn about building a successful accelerator program from the ground up, and some counter-intuitive advice for those trying to break into the industry. This episode is jam packed with useful content for anyone interested in the future of the real estate tech.  Hope you enjoy!

In this show, we discuss:

  • How Zach went from Investment Banking to becoming an NYC tour guide and what he learned from being an entrepreneur?
  • Why going back to business school can have huge benefits
  • How to build a start-up accelerator from scratch, it’s functionality, and the tactics used to get companies on board without having a successful track record?
  • What areas are going to experience the most transformation due to technological innovation?
  • Why the he believes that the one-year lease will go the way of the Dodo
  • How the access and transparency to information has impacted the rental market?
  • Where do the best ideas come from? Real estate people who then link up with tech expertise or tech expertise who try to solve something in real estate?
  • What is the “magic bean test”?
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