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Big real estate data is changing the playing field by closing the inefficiencies in the commercial real estate market.  How will this impact investing in the future?

Today we sit down with Richard Sarkis, Co-Founder and CEO of Reonomy. Reonomy is a commercial real estate data platform that is transforming the world’s largest asset class.  It’s all about analytics, data crunching, and AI for commercial real estate. Richard and his co-founder Charlie Oshman grew a chance coffee shop conversation into revolutionary company, which has raised over $70 million in funding and currently holds partnerships with all the top CRE firms.

So how does someone go from having zero real estate experience to creating a successful prop tech company? This episode is a great story about courage and walking away from something good (such as an associate partner position at McKinsey) to start something that could be great.

In this episode, we will hear about the hottest investment markets in US, how the integration of AI enabled Rich to scale his model nationally, and learn who are some surprising consumers making money with big real estate data [hint: they’re not investors]. If you are interested in the future of commercial real estate, the future of real estate technology, and like hearing stories of founders, who are adding massive value to an industry, you will love this episode.  It’s a must for players who want a successful future in the business…

In this show, we discuss:

  • How he decided to leave a promising career to follow his passion and what was his “eureka” moment
  • What the future of real estate is going to look like in the midst of the 4th industrial revolution and why big data is here to stay
  • What were the biggest challenged he faced and still faces as Reonomy continues to grow and evolve
  • What are the hottest US real estate markets today and how he uses a heat map to find this out
  • What is his unique super power and why it’s a very trainable skill that anyone can do
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