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Episode #61:Creating Order Out Of Chaos – Jesse Terry Evaluates the NYC Market

Today we sit down with Jesse Terry, Managing Director at HUBBNYC. HUBBNYC is a privately held New York City real estate operating company that owns approximately 80 multi-family, retail, and mixed-use properties in Manhattan.

Jesse uses his unique perspective on NYC real estate to answer the big questions on the minds of investors… Such as:

What metrics are HUBBNYC using to evaluate the future of the NYC market? Is the demand for high quality here to stay? How will the office space sector recover from the pandemic? Are interest rates the biggest risk factor for 2022? And many others..

What are the trickle down effects of the “work from home” movement? What reasons do we have to be optimistic about the health of the market?

We have a long relationship with Jesse, so please enjoy as he dishes out a lot of knowledge in this discussion. Let’s go Behind the Bricks… with Jesse Terry.

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