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Joe Koicim, Shaun Riney, and Seth Glasser are joined by Todd Rose from Rose & Rose Law and Brian Barnes from Cooper & Kirk. Todd and Brian are lead counsel in the case of 335-7 LLC v City of New York, currently asking for certiorari by the Supreme Court of the United States of America, and which seeks to highlight the unconstitutionality of NYC’s rent regulation system and specifically the HSTPA act of 2019. The court has conferenced an unprecedented 11 times on this case, neither granting cert, nor issuing a denial, which is highly uncommon for SCOTUS and which demonstrates the level of attention this case is being given for consideration. In this episode, we discuss the case itself, the impact HSTPA has had on the New York multifamily market and the NYC economy, and the national implications it would have for property rights if taken up by the court. If you would like a copy of this writ for certiorari – to read yourself what is currently in front of SCOTUS – or to help the cause, please reach out directly.

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