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Matt Berger

Sales Associate

(212) 430-6148

260 Madison Avenue 5th Floor, New York, NY 10016

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Professional History

Matt Berger’s career in real estate began when he got his real estate salesperson license in 2018. He joined the #1 Multifamily Sales Team in Manhattan in 2020, working directly with Joe Koicim and Peter Von Der Ahe. He was awarded the 2021 Pace Setter Award, given to agents who meet a high standard of overall performance.

At Marcus & Millichap, Matt focuses his efforts on multifamily and mixed-use buildings on the East Side of Manhattan. As an exclusive listing agent, Matt works with real estate owners to market their real estate assets comprehensively and effectively. He leverages the Marcus & Millichap national platform of over 80 offices and 2000 agents along with his industry relationships to create a competitive bidding environment that produces the highest prices offers paired with competitive terms in the shortest amount of time. Matt provides clients with extensive research reports to strategically create a customized short or long-term investment strategy that serves their interest.

Matt’s unwavering passion for real estate developed at a young age, where he was exposed to the industry through his family. He furthered his real estate knowledge at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he majored in Real Estate & Urban Land Economics. When Matt is not in the field meeting with clients or in the office speaking with them, he can be found on the golf course, on the ski slopes, or spending time with his friends and family.

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Latest Articles

ArticleBlog PostMarket Insights
September 11, 2023

3 Events That Will Change the Multifamily Market

We are entering the fourth quarter of 2023 with investment sales velocity down 50% over the same period last year. Valuations are down and owners have been slow to divest their assets. Rates have soared in the past 18 months to unsustainable levels so much so that Signature Bank, one of the premier lenders, went belly-up. Low sales velocity is not sustainable and it’s reaching its tipping point. There are three events that are converging on the multifamily market, seemingly all at once, which will shape the market for years…
Blog PostMarket Insights
August 14, 2023

10 Ways To Be A Successful Multifamily Seller

In today’s market we have two types of sellers: proactive and reactive. Or as the results would indicate: successful and unsuccessful. Market dynamics change and as a result what is required of you as a seller will also change. Here are 10 pieces of advice for sellers to set yourself up for a successful transaction. 1. Know your numbers and set goals You would be shocked how many owners don’t know how much income they earn from their property. Whenever I meet with a client about selling, I ask them:…
Blog PostMarket Insights
July 13, 2023

Extend and Pretend: A Glimmer of Hope

In real estate, there exists a strategy known as extend and pretend. It refers to a practice where loans are extended and losses are deferred, all to maintain the façade of stability and prosperity. However, this once popular and seemingly effective approach is now standing on the precipice of collapse. The cracks in its foundation are becoming increasingly apparent, and the consequences of it loom ominously overhead. Nowhere is this truer than in the New York City multifamily marketplace. Four years ago, the business included 3 caps, cheap debt, generous…

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